Service Details - Magistrate

  Service Fee: $1100 includes a $110.00 booking fee payable at the time of booking the service
includes a $220.00 handling fee payable when the visiting mare arrives at the stud
A discount of $110 per service will apply for owners with more than 1 visiting mare
By negotiation depending on care required and length of stay.

Veterinary Fees, Daily Agistment Fees, Farrier and Miscellaneous expenses are payable by the mare's owner(s) or representative. PLEASE NOTE - Any unpaid balance due must be paid PRIOR to the mare's departure from the Stud. This includes Full Payment of the Service Fee.

1: If a Vet or Farrier is needed, permission is granted and the mare owner(s) will pay the fee. Shoes should be removed from the mare before arrival at Stud.
2: Mare owner(s) or representative agree that under no circumstances will M.G.S./Smithfields its partners, employees, vet or farrier be held responsible for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to horses, including mares in foal for foaling at M.G.S./Smithfields Stud/Property, individuals or equipment at M.G.S./Smithfields Stud/Property or elsewhere. This expressly includes foals at foot. (In owner(s) best interest to insure horses).
3: Mare owner(s) or representative agree to notify the Stud at least 24 hours prior to viewing or picking up the mare.

1: Any mare not checked in foal at the Stud must be examined by the mare owner's vet within 45 days from the last service date by the stallion and the vet's written statement as to the pregnancy status at that time forwarded to M.G.S./Smithfields Stud.
2: If a mare proves to be not in foal or does not produce a live foal, a free return to the above stallion is available for the following year's breeding season. The failure of a mare to produce a live foal or the death of a foal within 48 hours is to be certified by a Veterinary Surgeon in writing and forwarded to the Stud.
3: The service of the mare by another stallion after her departure from the Stud automatically disqualifies the owner from the issue of a service certificate from the Stud.
4: M.G.S./Smithfields Stud reserves the right to designate the dates acceptable for mares to be brought or returned for service.
5: Mares returned for a free service the calendar year following the original service are subject to a handling charge which is determined annually, plus any agistment charges.