Smithfields News - September 2005

RIO HEADS SOUTH - Smithfields Rio left Sunday afternoon, 4th September for his new home with Julie Conti of 'Dreamtime Park" Zeerust in Victoria.  no matter how often it happens you only realize how the've got under your skin when they leave.  Rio has been a member of our show team for over twelve months.

Smithfields First Class and Smithfields Dante have moved into fabulous new stables with Jeremy (Jeremy cook) and Ruth (Ruth Hannan) at Logan Village.  We are so fortunate to such beautiful and capable people to show these two galloways for us.  Their first outing from their new quarters was to gold Coast show where it was Dane who caught the judges eye, polling well in the open galloways but shone in the Show hunter classes to get the Champion award


Rio winning  at Melbourne 2005

Smithfields Dane and Ruth Hannan


Since Indy's (Garden Vale Stylish Image) big win at Brisbane Royal 2005 we have quite a deal of interest in him.  Sandy Morphett's great photo and ad design have also helped a great deal. Indy's next challenge is the National A.N.S.A. show in Toowoomba this month