Smithfields News - December 2005

Bradmore Toy Soldier Imp) is staying with us at the moment until we have our mares in foal.  It is an absolute pleasure to have him back at the moment.  He has been a perfect gentleman and he is now so good with the mares.  He has been very busy.  Mares that have been or are to be put to Toy this season include:
Malibu Park Windflower: Camilla of Robin Hill, Splendour of Marceau; Smithfields Evening; Smithfields Limelight; Smithfields Dancing Doll; Smithfields Dance With Me; Smithfields Sonata.

Here are some of the photos of foals and yearlings that have been taken this month.

Smithfields Wind Song (S. Majestic/Malibu Park Windflower)
Yearling Filly to mature 13.2 - 14hh  - For Sale $3 500 + GST


Smithfields Azure (Smithfields Magistrate/Smithfields Analease)
Black yearling filly to mature 14.2 - 15hh
For Sale: $10 000 + GST

Smithfields Evita Born: 5/11/2005
Sire: Bradmore Toy Soldier (imp)  Dam: Smithfields Evening
For Sale: $12 000 + GST