Smithfields News - April 2007

1. We had a relatively easy and successful Toowoomba Royal this year as we had only the two exhibits, Garden Vale Stylish Image for his led ANSA and Arabian Riding Pony classes and MGS Shimmer for the ridden Show Hunter classes.

Indy (Garden Vale Stylish Image) won both the Arabian Riding pony class and his ANSA (Australian National Saddle Horse) class.  He went on to be Supreme ANSA again.  He won this first as a 2 yr old and went on to be the Supreme Led Horse Exhibit of the show.

Shimmer (ridden by Courtney Midson) worked brilliantly to win from a very large field of small Show Hunters.  He again worked brilliantly in Champion but the judge awarded him Reserve.  That's the way it goes but it was an excellent lead up to Sydney Royal.


2.  SYDNEY ROYAL - Again, we only exhibited the two; Garden Vale Stylish Image and MGS Shimmer.  We had mixed results experiencing both the highs and lows that showing can dish out.  Shimmer worked well leading up to his class.  With no warning of any problem Shimmer walked out to the marshalling yard ready for his class only to be very lame when Courtney went to trot him off.  Initially we were distraught thinking it was a fetlock problem but, once we were home, the foot abscess was cut out and he was immediately right as rain.  Indy, however, had a much better Royal.  He worked well throughout the Royal and ended up with the supreme award for led ANSA.


 3. QUEENSLAND RIDING PONY SHOW:  This was a run-out for our two Bradmore Toy Soldier (imp) yearlings.  Although neither was awarded a first on the day we came home still happy to have our two ponies and proud of how they looked and showed at their first show.

Smithfields Toy Dancer

Smithfields Evita